Some time ago, I applied for a designer job at Social Chain who run the popular sport social media account Sporf. They had been in touch as they liked the concept of juxtaposing old and new footballers so in my interview, they asked me to advance this idea by ‘making it move’ and putting it into some sort of context given the reactive nature of their social media content.
At the time, Arsenal were doing quite well early in the 2016/17 season and had just won by a decent score in the Champions League. This formed the basis of my next piece of work. I likened their current form to that of their side from the early 2000s and compared certain players from now to back then.
So, in order to ‘make it move,’ I made a short video on Premiere Pro as I had used it in the past and enjoyed putting videos together. I kept to Sporf’s branding to make it look like an authentic Sporf post and added backing music to it. Enjoy!

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