Around the time of the Women’s World Cup last year, I remember seeing a news story online that said the position of a female goalkeeper needs to be made ‘sexier’. I knew it wasn’t insinuating what immediately comes to mind (I’m looking at you, Sepp Blatter, with your ‘tighter shorts’ remark from years ago – Google it).
I read it with an idea in mind to make some kind of campaign about it, to provoke a change in attitude about the role of female ‘keepers. Taking inspiration from ads that empower women by various sports brands as well as the ‘This Girl Can’ campaign, I thought of some goalkeeper-related ideas for straplines to put alongside some strong imagery of women ‘keepers at their best – one is holding the trophy, one is punching away a cross and another is saving a penalty. I chose some that featured in the World Cup and used it as an opportunity to practice some of my editing skills, inspired a few football designers who I follow. It feels good doing a bit of self-directed work with more of a purpose than just doing an illustration and reminded me of doing the types of briefs I’d get at uni.

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