I had an idea to create a kit design concept for United based on a previous kit from yesteryear. We’ve not had a white kit since 2016/17 so I thought it’s about time we had one again knowing we’ve had some classic clean designs over the years. I’m not a fan of overdoing nostalgia and harking back to the good old times all the time but this one was different and HAD to be done.
Next season will be 30 years since we won the 1991 Cup Winner’s Cup – an iconic night in our history when we beat Barcelona in Rotterdam in front of a stadium three quarters full of Reds (below). I’ve borrowed the cuff design directly from the classic white kit from 1991 and enlarged the design in the material as the base pattern of this concept. Nice and clean, as seen on Harry Maguire here. I’d love to see something like this become a reality. It’d be great to see a white shirt again after the washed out grey one from the other year and the strange gold snakeskin of the 2019/20 season. 

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