My work on social media

I’ve had my beloved football club share my work when they were commemorating the 60th anniversary of Sir Bobby Charlton’s United debut, tagging me in the tweet as well which was amazing! My Twitter notifications were on fire that day!

Patrice Evra is one of my favourite footballers. He has a catchphrase that he says in all his Instagram videos – ‘I love this game!’ So I spotted an opportunity to create something around this and he ended up reposting it the following day.

Staying with Instagram, another United legend Gary Neville had spotted one of my Etsy posters online and used part of it as his Instagram profile pictures.

When I did the Footballer Headswap mini project, I was approached by the company that runs Sporf and asked if they could post my work because they liked the concept. The account it was posted by has millions of followers and the number of likes spiralled into the hundreds of thousands.

The Drake image made it onto Sport Bible after it was seen on my Instagram. I did the edit because the jacket he had on was similar in style to an adidas United jacket I own. So I added the little details to make it look like that and it had a lot of people fooled!